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סופר נירוסטה אשקלון בע"מ

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Super Stainless Steel Ashkelon Ltd., founded in 1990, designs, manufactures and markets stainless steel equipment. The offices and plant are located on 2500sq.m in the North Ind. Zone of Ashkelon. During its years of operations Super Stainless Steel has gained vast experience and renown in manufacturing stainless steel equipment for institutional kitchens and industry. The company has executed numerous large scale projects, as well as many unconventional projects requiring a high standard of professionalism. The company has developed new products, as well as adding modern, computerized machinery to the plant. The development of new products can be seen in the technical improvements, the attention to human engineering, the esthetics and the high standard of uncompromising finish.

The company has put together a team of more than 30 experienced and skilled workers; engineers, technicians, sales people and production workers to accompany the customer from the first stage of planning through to the successful completion of the project. The team provides consultation, design and assistance in finding solutions to the most complex problems. The company's thousands of satisfied customers across the country are living proof of the quality and durability of the products, a savings in superfluous cost and time.
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Super Stainless Steel's maintenance team installs and provides service to equipment, throughout the country.

The company is ISO 9002 certified, assuring work according to the strictest regulations.